How It Works

We PAINT your backsplash wall to look like natural stone tile! The possibilities are endless! You can choose the color, size and shape of tile, and even add a hint of color to coordinate with accents in your home. No messy demolition or expensive complicated installation.

Your kitchen needs to have a simple painted wall where the backsplash is (we can't paint on existing tile or formica). Whatever color your backsplash is painted upon our arrival will serve as the "grout line" for your backsplash, so if you have a dark or non-neutral color, we recommend painting (just the backsplash) white or off-white.

Below is an example of a client that chose to paint her backsplash white prior to our arrival. Although she had a neutral beigey-mocha wall, her choice to paint it white allowed the "tiles" we painted to really stand out! You don't even notice the stark whiteness of the grout line. Should you choose to paint your backsplash before we arrive, we ask that you do so at least a week in advance so the paint has time to fully dry and 'cure' before we start doing our thing.

The whole process takes us 2-4 hours, depending on the size of your kitchen and amount of detail desired. We try to schedule between meals so you have access to your kitchen when it's time to eat!

Depending on the amount of texture you have on your walls, there will be a degree of "capillary action", which is paint seeping slightly under the grout tape. Many of our clients love the character it adds, and the way it allows the tiles to look more imperfect, natural and slightly rugged... like natural stone! For the most part, it's unnoticeable unless you've got your face right up to the backsplash. Below is an exaggerated example of "capillary action".

The durability of your custom painted backsplash will remain the same as it was when you had a simple painted wall. However, we recommend sealing your backsplash a few days later using Minwax PolyAcrylic clear water-based sealer. This can be easily applied using a paint roller.

We look forward to seeing your kitchen and discussing details of your future painted  backsplash! Your friends and neighbors won't believe is not tile!