I'm Beth, he's Nick... and together we founded S/E Interiors in 2010! We love being creative together and have found that helping others beautify their homes brings us great joy and satisfaction! We originally started painting backsplashes as a way to save for InVitro ferilization in hopes to conquer infertility, and are happy to announce that the battle has been won! We gave birth to two beautiful baby girls on July 8th, 2011. Since 2010, we've been floored by all the interest and referrals from happy backsplash customers, and have continued to do what we love! We've found that... if you love your kitchen, you're more likely to enjoy spending time there and cook delicious meals! (Wives! Use that one when you're begging your husbands!!)

You can learn more about us on our blog Sawdust and Embryos, and see some of our other projects and passions, take a tour of our homestead, and more! Thanks for stopping by!