Backsplash Painting Services

If y'all are new to S/E Backsplash... well, we LITERALLY paint backsplashes to resemble actual natural stone tiles!! We showed up at Brenda's house with minimal supplies, and excessive creativity! Brenda provided us with this perfect blank slate... with a twist! We were intrigued by the idea of trying out a darker grout line!

Measuring a taping took some time, but after that... we were on the homestretch!

And after we got our paint on, this was the beautiful aftermath... feast your eyes:

There are so many benefits to having a painted backsplash opposed to having one installed. Let's discuss.

Painted backsplashes are:
  • a small fraction of the cost of tile and labor
  • easier to clean and extremely durable
  • color combos and size/shape of tile options are literally endless
  • a beautiful unique piece of local art in your home
  • takes only a few hours instead of a few days
  • without messy complicated installation
  • if you hate it in a couple years, you don't have to demolish... just paint over it!
I rest my case.